Bloem Fix Mission

Why BloemFix?

In small towns around South Africa, a culture has developed where everybody knows everyone. You can easily find out through word of mouth who to take your car to, who to ask to install the electric fence and which plumber does the best job without costing a fortune. The larger the city gets, the more difficult it is to find the micro businesses that do these jobs at a fraction of the cost of franchises.

Many of these micro businesses are doing the work because it is what they love to do, and not because it is "just a job".

That is why BloemFix was created, to connect the Micro and Small businesses with the residential community of Bloemfontein. To provide a place where the general public can find the "little guys" to get the job done right and support the local community at the same time.

Our Mission:

To make cities feel like small towns again, by connecting people in the community with the people who are skilled in household and automotive repairs, installations and renovations.